The liberalisation of the gas and electricity markets has opened up the prospect for clients to expand and develop their businesses in this sector. The Studio boasts a long tradition of judicial and extrajudicial counsel in this area and we are therefore able to guarantee our clients experienced and highly qualified legal advice for issues relating to production, distribution and transport of gas and electrical energy.

Our main areas of expertise are:
  • Site location for new power stations and the modification/expansion/reactivation of existing ones, as well as consultancy for environmental impact assessments;
  • The building and running of renewable energy plants (wind, solar, geothermal, hydraulic, biomasses, renewable gas, etc.);
  • Research permits and concessions for cultivating hydrocarbons and for storage activities for natural gas;
  • The transport and distribution of gas and electrical energy, where regulations and tariffs are especially sensitive;
  • Gas and electrical energy trading;
  • Proceedings before the Gas and Electrical Energy Authority.
Furthermore, the Studio offers counsel in the development of project financing operations aimed at the construction of new infrastructure.