Regarding environmental protection, the Studio has experience in the planning, location and development of production and trade activities (e.g. drafting of necessary applications, authorisation procedures, etc.), as well as site-management (waste disposal/recovery, water protection, atmospheric, noise and electromagnetic pollution, etc.).

Our dedication to keeping up to date with the evolution of national and EU Legislation and case-law enables us to offer our clients the most comprehensive specialist advice, including due diligence services in various industrial and commercial sectors. Some examples of our areas of consultancy are:
  • Electrical, CHP (Combined Heat and Power) and renewable energy power stations;
  • Landfills and waste disposal/recovery sites;
  • Metallurgical and chemical plants;
  • Mines and the relevant research and operational proceedings;
  • Waste transport, including cross-border transport;
  • Environmental impact assessments;
  • Reclamation of polluted sites;
  • Concessions for bypasses and for the building of aqueducts and networks for the supply and distribution of potable water;
  • Due diligence reports relating to various industrial and commercial sectors.
We are wholly familiar with the range of regulations governing the multiple protected areas in the region, with particular expertise in the regulations regarding the Lagoon of Venice and the complex laws applied to various national parks.
The Studio also represents its clients at all levels of litigation in this area, ranging from cases before the Administrative or Civil Judge to those before the Tribunal for Public Waters.