Public Administrations' decisions regarding the use of land increasingly affect the development of companies operating in the trade, tourism and service sectors (see "Building Regulations and Town Planning"). The identification of the areas where new sites should be located and the determination of their structural characteristics are subject to planning tools and, in particular, sector-specific plans.

Given the complex regulation of commerce - governed by Regional/Provincial Prescriptions and Municipal Regulations alongside State Legislation - we offer advice on a wide range of situations that our clients may be involved in, such as:
  • Compliance of planned sites with building and town planning regulations;
  • Approval procedures for new, medium/large-scale retail structures;
  • Conformity of existing sites' transformation/restructuring/enlargement with provisions in force;
  • Obtaining or transferring the relative permits/authorisations forĀ  businesses providing commodities to the public, such as the administering of food and beverages;
  • Variation of merchandise sectors.
The long-standing assistance we have supplied to companies intending to open/acquire and manage shopping centres/hypermarkets all over Italy has made our firm a key advisor in the field.