Public Tenders

Public tenders for works, services and supply constitute one of our principal areas of expertise. Our lawyers are constantly engaged in monitoring and interpreting the ever-evolving legislation in this sector so that we can offer the most up-to-date information and advice to both private and public clients. Within this sector, we are also involved in proceedings regarding public land concessions, including those regarding maritime public land, which forms some of the most important work for the Port Authorities. 
Our extrajudicial legal advice involves advising clients from the prequalification stage of the tender and provides the necessary counsel on all aspects of the process, from the assessment of the suitability of the bid to the formation of Temporary Joint Ventures or Consortia.
The Studio is involved on a daily basis in dealing both with controversies surrounding the legitimacy of tenders and their methods of awarding, before the Administrative Courts, and affairs regarding the carrying out of tender contracts before the Ordinary Judge and the Board of Arbitration.