Mergers and Acquisitions

Now more than ever, the complexity of Italian Legislation (significantly in the town planning, environmental and commercial sectors) means that it is necessary to consider every aspect of this sector in order to be successful in M&A proceedings.

We offer the highest quality of legal advice on M&A matters relating to:
  • The carrying out pre-acquisition due diligence activities, evaluating the company‚Äôs conformity with the provisions in force;
  • Formulating contractual clauses in order to best safeguard our clients' interests;
  • Drafting plans in full conformity with the legislation in force once the acquisition has taken place.
Moreover, we offer consultancy on all the administrative matters related to real estate transactions, providing the clients (whether they are institutional investors, commercial banks, construction companies or promoters) with assistance on issues inherent to building regulations and town planning as well as, in general, relationships with the relevant Public Administrations. Our practice also encompasses the drawing up of any necessary agreement with the Public Authorities.