The firm offers assistance to a wide range of entities (public or private, listed or not, national or foreign, enterprises, agencies, public bodies, etc.). However, we adopt a strict privacy policy in our practice and therefore cannot disclose details of our clients or information relating to the nature of the assistance provided. Therefore, we are only able to provide a list detailing the types of client we work with most regularly. They are as follows:
  • Listed and unlisted, Italian and international (mostly multinational) associations, as well as medium and small-size companies;
  • Lending institutions;
  • Insurance companies;
  • Petroleum agencies;
  • Clients operating in the Energy, Telecommunications or Public Transport sectors;
  • Associations owning shopping centres;
  • Construction companies;
  • Care homes and medical diagnostic institutions;
  • Hotel chains and tourist accommodation facilities;
  • Professional Guilds (such as the Guilds for architects, surveyors, engineers or doctors) and the independent professionals that belong to them;
  • Local Public Administrations, and so on.
Through frequent collaboration with other Italian or international law firms, we are able to offer our clientele an integrated and extensive legal service that will satisfy their every need.